ENG1121, Class Sessions 5/12/20 and 5/14/20

Hello, dear students!

Two very important things are covered in this post:

  1. Peer Review of the Final Reflection
  2. Discussion of the Final Portfolio

Peer Review of the Final Reflection

I’m assuming you all are working on the Final Reflection today, because that’s the piece of the Portfolio that will be the most work. If you haven’t begun the Final Reflection, look at the document on OpenLab and don’t waste any more time!

The Rough Draft of the Final Reflection is due by 11:59 PM Thursday, May 14. I’ll be emailing each Group a copy of the Final Reflection Peer Review worksheet with the following subject line: “Group #, Final Reflection.”

You may have to review two or three reflections, so do not wait on working on this assignment!

Hit “Reply All” so I and your group receive your rough draft (this will count for your participation points for Tuesday).

You must review each member of your group’s Final Reflections by Saturday, May 16 (this will count for your participation points for Wednesday). Email both the writers’ and me a copy of your peer review.

DO NOT send anything to my City Tech account! I will not count any participation points for items sent to that account. Send everything to: tuesthurseng1121@gmail.com!

Discussion of Final Portfolio

As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t have a Final Exam for this class, but we have a Final Portfolio. The Final Portfolio includes:

  • Final Reflection
  • U1 Writing Assignment (Discourse Community)
  • U2 Writing Assignment (General & Focused Analyses of a Genre)
  • U3 Writing Assignment (Website based on either U1 or U2)
  • U3 Process Essay (Based on U3 Experience)
  • Selected Journals

There are many details to the Final Portfolio, so please look at this document I’ve prepared and posted on OpenLab. It states what is included, how many revisions are needed, how it must be saved/submitted, and how it will be evaluated.


If you have questions or concerns, contact me and we can talk during the class office hours on Tuesday from 2:30 – 4 PM. I have a meeting on Thursday at 3 PM, so I’ll have that day’s office hours from 1:30 – 3 PM. I can work in other times, but you’ll have to email me in advance.

Stay safe & well!

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