Dear future student,

Hello, My name is Hasimiou Jalloh, and I am taking Eng1121 this semester. This course is one of the most important courses in college which is a course you must finish. At the point when you finish this course, you will understand that your English composing arrives at the following level. Our teacher, Mrs. Jessica Penner, is a decent teacher and she is truly capable. She is truly understanding and she will always be available if you ever need help in her class. In this class you should be set up to confront the enormous composing tasks. The tasks appear to come from changed bearings, yet they are completely arranged. At the point when the proper piece tasks are delivered, you will find that you as of now have an away from and part of the paper through your week after week tasks.

One of the major assignments that have stayed with me is the multimodal repurposing assignment and the reason why is because there were many options on how I want to do my example using pictures and these were things that I actually see people doing in my daily life. It permitted me to carry attention to my crowd about the issue, utilizing an extremely imaginative introduction that would keep my crowd locked in. The previous two semesters have not been quite the same as my past semesters since I turned into an online understudy. Coronavirus shut down in class learning and it moved to the web. I missed being in a conventional study hall for this semester. I missed accomplishing a bunch of work that I associate between my schoolmates and teacher. Taking on the web classes was more troublesome in light of the fact that I needed to propel myself to pursue all the tasks as opposed to being in a class where the teacher can give you intrusion on what to do. This class is very important to my future because it helps me become a better reader and writer.

Be creative and Proofread

Goodluck to the future student

Sincerely, Hasimiou Jalloh