Hello, my name is Cindy Cortes Corona, and I’m majoring in Human Services and I am here to tell you why you made a perfect choice for taking this class. Throughout the semester, my classes kept giving me work making it stack up all over my head but the class that became my favorite is ENG 1121. When logging on to this class, it is filled with deadlines that are not close to each other. The professor outlines her agenda fairly and gives us enough time to complete all assignments. She even lets you write the paper over towards the end of the semester, but of course, that’s only if you want to.

During my time of being a student in this class, I have really come to enjoy English a lot more since I discovered many different types of writings and visuals. Trust me when I say this: “if you work hard in this class, your grade will reflect on it”. My assignments for this class were all filled with hard work and effort, and in the end, my scores weren’t bad at all. I was very proud of myself since the grades that I received made me realize that I processed the material which resulted in my grades.

With being a fully online student this year, all I can say is to take advantage of not having to wake up extra early just to hop on a bus or a train to make it to an 8:00 am class. my time this semester I decided to take as many morning classes as I could just to get them over within the morning. But I realize that I prefer online classes, just because it gives me more time to actually be home with my family and complete assignments. I advise that this class to look at the assignments ahead of time and complete them as soon as you can submit them, it creates a sense of relief when completing the small assignments early instead of last-minute with the big assignments.

This class has done so much for me that it affected the way I performed in other classes. Assignment 1 will stick with you till the end, in this assignment, I found myself struggling at first with finding a DC but then I was able to figure it out and when I did my writing was very passionate and it changes your perspective of taking an English class especially this one. My writing skills improved so much that in my other core classes, my professor liked the way I would write and present my work.