“Sustainable Architecture.” Edited by Deirdre S. Blanchfield, GALE IN CONTEXT Environmental Studies, 13 June 2011,|CV2644151341&it=r.

Summary – Well the cupel of articles I was reading were talked about hydroelectric energy which is just using water converting the flow of water into energy. another one I read was about wild fires which I was actually really interested in reading that because I want to find a way that these massive fires can be avoided, which I found out how many acres wild fires took in a year in certain states. I was also reading a article about green architecture and design which brings me more closer to the my question which is sustainability, it talked about how many places how we can bring design and to make things more efficient in many different settings.

Reflection – After reading these three articles they all seemed pretty interesting and I hope to read even more that are in the database that will help me because all of the information I got out of these articles today was really good and will help me write this up coming paper.

One Quotation – One question I still have is how we can possibly prevent this issues or how much time we have left, before somthing un reversible happens?