1. Why is she writing this letter? What does she want from the recipient of the letter?

Wollstonecraft is writing this letter just to justify the right of women with the structure on political and moral subjects, to help women truly useful in the society and prevailing opinion about sexual difference. She wants the recipient to know when we speak of human rights, men and women are included. Thus, women must play an essential role in society.

  • After reading this letter, how would you identify the DC that Wollstonecraft is a part of? Does the recipient appear to be a part of this DC or outside of it? (Really think about this!)

After reading the letter, I would identify Wollstonecraft that a person who belongs to the women rights discourse community. In the letter, she advocates for human rights, especially women’s rights.

The recipient does not look to be a part of the women’s right discourse community. It is, for this reason, she is writing the letter. The goal of the letter is to make people accept that women have the same right as men in society.

  • Find two moments (either a sentence or a paragraph) where Wollstonecraft’s writing strategy gets your attention, and think about how you might use these strategies as models for your own writing. 

One of the passages in the text that catches my attention: on page 3, paragraph 8, in this part of the letter, she asks to investigate what happens in France about their constitution, so they can revise our constitution in order for the women rights can be respected.

The other part of the passage that grabs my attention on page 2 in the first paragraph where she asks that they have to teach the citizen to become modest with modesty, they can respect women’s rights

Quote 1:” I wish, sir, to get some investigations of this kind going in France. If they lead to a confirmation of my principles, then when your constitution is revised the rights of woman may be respected, if it has been fully proved that reason calls for this respect and loudly demands justice for one half of the human race.”

Identify the writing strategy you see Wollstonecraft using:

The strategy that Wollstonecraft uses she asks to take the constitution in France and investigate on that constitution; after investigation, she advises to revise our constitution, so that the women’s rights can be respected.

Explain why you find this useful, persuasive, or effective in some other way: I find this useful because you cannot change anything outside of the constitution of a country. Each country has his constitution, without it the governments can do nothing. It is for this reason Wollstonecraft advise to revise the constitution in order that the women’s right can be respected.

Quote 2: “If the pure flame of patriotism has reached their hearts, they should work 1 The Rights of Woman Mary Wollstonecraft Dedicatory Letter to improve the morals of their fellow-citizens by teaching men not only •to respect modesty in women but •to become modest themselves, as the only way to deserve women’s respect.”

            Identify the writing strategy you see Wollstonecraft using:

 The writing strategy he uses he asks to teach people so they can get modest, and when they have modesty, they will respect better women’s rights.

Explain why you find this useful, persuasive, or effective in some other way:

I find this strategy effective because when you are more educated, you can better understand others, you will know that everybody is equal. Finally, you will respect Human rights, especially women’s rights.