If this were a movie two actors I would cast in the role of Antigone and Ismene to Jennifer Lawrence(with dark hair) as Antigone and Anne Hathaway as Ismene, I always viewed Jennifer Lawrence as a very outspoken and strong minded actress especially when you look at one of her most popular roles in The Hunger Games that gave that feminist powerful label. Throughout the play Antigone refuses to back down from her stance of the laws of heaven. Antigone also often speaks out about beliefs and makes sure everyone is aware of her “honorable death”. The reason why I chose Anne Hathaway(with blonde hair) for Ismene’s role is because she gives off caring energy. Also she’s very reasonable, one move that Hathaway did that made me think of Ismene is The Princess Diaries in the beginning of this movie she is very shy and wimpy.

And between these two characters Anne Hathaway definitely would play the weaker. character even though in the play Ismene tries to stick up for a sister and take some blame.

If Creon lived in today’s world I feel as if his monologue would best appear on twitter. Twitter would be his choice because its a platform where he can say ho w he feels and the whole can see his beliefs whether they follow him or not its much more public than Instagram or Facebook. He would be able to get messages and spread his words to his people and more with ease. Since there isn’t a lot of restrictions on Twitter he’s able to make his strong minded beliefs freely, very such like former president Trump did.