Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Gerardo Ramos Final Reflection Draft

               This semester went by quick. A whole five months of class came and went faster than it takes me to read a book (which is still in the works). In that time period I have learned a lot about myself as a writer, and as a reader. I have seen what my strengths are more focused towards and where I struggle. Before taking this class I had a lot of self-doubt about my writing and reading comprehension skills. I always considered myself a weak writer. Always felt writing assignments always tried to be fancy and want me to use big words and fancy sentence structures to convey my message. I never felt that I was that type of writer. I always believed I was the type of writer to get to the point of the matter. To not really use all thee fluffy words to make myself seem intelligent, but to make sure that anyone reading my work never has to think about what I am trying to say. That in one quick glance, the reader can determine the point I am trying to make in my writing. I think this class emphasized that for me. It allowed me to write my way and not in a way I do not like to write.

               When it comes to reading comprehension, I was quite shocked at myself. I for the most part was able to understand each readings that were assigned for homework in the first read through. The only downside was, I am a very slow reader. Even though as the semester progressed my speed increased, I am still pretty slow on average I would say with other people. However, I think it is because of the slow reading that I am able to understand so much of the literature in the first read through. Whether it was a speech from a extremely intelligent man who was a great orator back in the day, Frederick Douglas, or a old play wright of a Greek tragedy, I was able to understand pretty well. I was able to get most of the main points of each piece of writing, and the second read I was able to analyze more the works. Really seeing if there is more than one meaning to something being mentioned or if the stuff being said can relate to today life. It helps the fact when the piece of work being read is of entertainment to me and I am enjoying reading it.

               My writing I have always described as to the point. I have always struggled in assignments with large paper number minimums and writing in a specific manner that is to me all about fluff. I think the class really lets you write in the style that suits you. That you are able to be comfortable with your own writing and try to expound on it. I think that was part of the reason for the success I had in this class. The opportunity to write using my own style and not be force to do something that is not my type of work. With that being said I learned I still need to work on some aspects of my writing. For example properly using MLA format for in text citations. Another example is making sure I am following the rubric and putting into my writing those little things that were asked. All these are vague enough stuff that will not change my style of writing at its core, just help gear it more for the assignment.

               Therefore I am going to rewrite assignment number one. I am going to make some slight changes and fix some grammar mistakes but most importantly fix my mistake of not answering a rubric question. I am going to make it that it follows the rubric more. I personally thought I did, but also see that I may have been a bit to vague in some of the language I used. So I will make it known the audience who I am addressing.

               In the end the class was enjoyable. It gave students an opportunity to discover more who they are as a writer and really lean into it. The class also helped open the minds in understanding different forms of writing and really seeing the different ways one can write. There is not just one way to write, so just start writing and see what you come up with.

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  1. Demetrius Brown-Williams

    – You had a clear timeline and a point to your reflection. It was concise and well thought out. You emphasized about your writing style and how that was for you over time.
    – You learned your weakness which is MLA and now you’re going to work on it in revising the first essay.
    – You’ve changed in the sense that you’re more comfortable with your writing now
    – I think for the final draft just proofread your work and make sure your grammar is correct. Also, add a section about how you will use what you’ve learned in the future.

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