Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Ashley Gonzalez, Final Reflection Draft


  1. Staceyydeleon

    One thing I enjoyed while reading Ashley’s reflection is how reliable it was. She spoke about how she enjoyed the assignments where she was able to express herself using artistic expression. I agree with Ashley. During this semester I really enjoyed using different writing methods to speak out to an audience. Ashley also compared this English class to her last and I totally agreed. Most English classes can be draining and overwhelming but this class was different. Overall this English class was very entertaining, allowing students to pick their own topics they would like to focus on, made it more interesting for us, and also gave us more than one option for our multimodal project. Over the semester Ashley speaks about how she has gained confidence in her writing skills, and improved her grammar and conveying her thoughts. Only advice I have for Ashley is to speak on how will what you learned this semester benefit you.

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