Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Lisa Narinedhat, U3 Decisions

My genre for this project is going to be a video. My targeted audience revolves around the black community but mainly the police community as well because the issue includes them and their effect on the black community. Im going to write a transcript for the video which is going to include time stamps and all the audio written with it and also include citations and references if I use other people clips such as clips from youtube or the news etc. Since I done something like this before I know the main tool I need to create the video is a video software, I use iMovie. I also need clips and pictures as well that relate to my topic which is police brutality. I will also include some written statements from my essay into the video.

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  1. Lisa Narinedhat

    So far things are going good with my project. I have some clips saved and added to my video my next steps just include splitting the clips and trimming. After I do this I can add all the text statements into it. Its fun to create video projects but in my case kind of sad considering the topic.

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