For my assignment, I am interested in writing a letter. The reason why I think a  letter would be the most adequate is because not only is it kind of humorous that in real estate we mostly type letters and emails when  we want to communicate, but also I want to make it seem like I am writing to the city mayor or several real estate directors all over NYC. By addressing some of the issues that I think are the main concern it will bring light to them and also by adding a solution it will be easier for the reader to understand. I know that I want to talk about the two main issues which are community tension and pricing, especially by adding my own personal encounters with those who have been experiencing these problems first hand. In addition to that, including cited work from other sources will also make the letter more convincing and want readers to act on this. Although gentrification is inevitable, there may be a way to provide more options for those who are being forced to leave their homes and relocate. I thought about writing a speech but I felt like a speech would need a specific type of audience. However, even though I did mention who I would want my letter to reach, in reality if someone sees the letter and can do something about it that’s all that matters.