Young’s discourse community is supporter of people with disabilities. The recipient of this speech seems to be outside of Young’s discourse community because Stella Young is informing the audience that she is not there to inspire them but to bring awareness. Stella discusses how disabled people are spoken down to, and how this is incredibly harmful. Especially how they are viewed by their non-disabled peers. Also focuses on how disability in general is made up to be something that is frowned up and those who are disabled view it as a that it makes someone extraordinary to live with it.


 I would describe Wollstonecraft’s discourse community as a women’s rights DC. The main concept she wants to communicate to the audience is how women aren’t less than men and therefore should not be treated as if they are.  She identifies the issue to be that women have to fight for the basic human rights that men are just handed. She doesn’t agree with the fact that women are only to receive education at home while men are allowed to go out and get an education. This reflects the amount of changes in the value society places on women’s purpose today, compared to the 18th century. But, it also reflects the many ways in which issues of gender equality remain. The recipient she is directing this letter to seems to be out of her DC.