Real Estate DC: I have been doing rental/leasing real estate since 2017 because I’ve benign this DC for almost 5 years now I have got to experience the dark side of this job although its an amazing profitable job and in any way do I regret being part of it. I do wish I can change some things but unfortunately I don’t have that power things like gentrification is something that has come to light recently.

Business Owner DC: When I was 18 I started my own dog day care business and. now I have started an airbnb business, obviously both were a huge investment and in the beginning has more loss than profit. Yet, I have learned a lot about being self-employed and knowing that if I don’t put my all into one thing It won’t ever grow. Thankfully both have been going great, but the. pandemic was. definitely something that set things back financially. Obviously this was the case with everyone.

Gym DC: The gym is a relatively new discourse community I am part of now. My whole life I’ve heard negative and positive things about the gym. Whether you are going to the gym to complete a goal or to just have a new hobby, but there are groups of people that over exhaust their bodies to injuries. But for me it has been a great experience solar I’ve met the most motivated people Ive ever met that love to encourage and support one another and being in that space definitely helps me improve and want to keep going.