Citation #1: “Climate Change: Frequently Asked Questions.” The Nature Conservancy, 9 Dec. 2018,

Summary: The climate change issue I chose to research touches upon what is taking place to prevent the negative effects of climate change. According to the article, the Nature Conservatory suggests in order to reduce global warming” humans must reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.” This would most likely be possible to achieve if the government is willing to fund this transition. The article emphasizes how even if the human population can reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, we would still have the adapt to the impact of global warming. The article also states that the Nature Conservancy is taking active steps to tackle climate change such as: building resilience through natural defenses and of vulnerable ecosystems.

Reflection: I agree with the text because humans are the main cause of global warming! The sooner we acknowledge that, the sooner we can unite and make a difference in Earth’s health. The article I chose to read for this assignment has reassured me as well as answered my question regarding what is being done to nurture our planet.

Quotation: The wildlife we love and their habitat will be destroyed, leading to mass species extinction. Superstorms, drought, and heat waves would become increasingly common and more extreme, leading to major health crises and illness.

Citation #2: Clinton, Bill, and Al Gore. The Climate Change Action Plan. Executive Office of the President, 1993.

Summary: This book grabbed my attention immediately, the first chapter states, “We should strive to do no less; ultimately we will have to do more.” (Clinton, 1993) He mentions how climate change requires immediate action that takes vision and discipline. In a way, this book seems motivational because Clinton expresses how teamwork is how we will notice a positive difference in climate change. In the overview, the President’s Climate Change Action Plan was presented that listed numerous plans to tackle climate change. This action plan is a response to the threat of global warming and it assists the United States economy toward good environmental health standing. This book also breaks down technologies and scientific research that has been presented such as a partnership with the Departmentof Energy and electric utilities that have pledged to use less greenhouse gas emissions. 

Reflection: This source was my favorite because it’s incredibly intricate and I enjoyed reading the thoughts on climate change by Clinton and Al gore. They understand the weight climate change has on our world and prioritize the risk at hand. In this book, Clinton and Al gore discuss a new treaty the Clinton administration has created for the commitment to the United States by lowering greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming. It’s reassuring to me when there’s legal action taking place to alleviate the negative effects of climate change. I also think about how many people started to take climate change more seriously after this treaty was made. This was done back in 2000 so I am grateful the topic of climate change is not something unheard of or ignored. 

Quotation: “Global climate change is a long term problem that will require years of sustained effort. The time for action is now.”

Citation #3: Gore, Al. “The case for optimism on climate change.” TED, February 2016,

Summary: This TED talk teaches people the main reason for climate change that is said to be global carbon fuel by Al Gore. This TED talk is a positive lecture discussing whether or not people have to change their actions in order to combat global warming. Al Gore states that there are a plethora of causes to global warming such as: Coal mining, air transport, industrial processes, land transportation, forest burning and so on. He also responds to the destruction that is currently happening in our oceans. 

Reflection: What I found most interesting in this TED talk was when Al Gore explained what “flying rivers” are. This is a term made by Brazilian scientists that have discovered these flying rivers are air currents bringing water vapor generated by forests into different regions. He then said that the downpours from these flying rivers are equivalent to two days of water from Niagara Falls. 

Quotation: “There are people in this audience who played an incredibly significant role in generating those exponential curves. And it didn’t work out economically for some of them, but it kick-started this global revolution. And what people in this audience do now with the knowledge that we are going to win this. But it matters a lot how fast we win it.”