research question:  how has legalizing abortions in the united states affect women 

Citation 1: Frun, david. Lets get real about abortions. Cnn, 2012.

Summary: in this online article we read david fruns take on the debate on abortions. Frun goes on to talk about that he believes if a woman is made to carry a baby to term that was conceived through rape that the government should complicate said child carrier. He compares that situation to when veterans come back from war and are offered discounts and if someone were to get their credit card stolen the government would step in and do something about it. He also makes a segway to compare the economy and recession and abortions. He is linking lower class percentage of people to high abortion rates. He is trying to argue that women should not have to deal with the economic stress if they are not in the right financial situation , that comes with being pregnant and raising a baby if the woman doesn’t want to.

reflection : in my opinion i would have to say that i agree with the article david frun wrote.Women should have the choice if they want to bring a child into this world and it is up to them to know if they are ready and responsible enough to take care of another human being. Not all women can take care of a child because they don’t  have the financial support that they may need to raise a healthy baby. Raising a child is an expensive obligation. From doctor visits before the baby is born to buying diapers to clothing and everything between that until the next 18 years. Forcing women to go through with pregnancy and childbearing even if its an instances of rape disregarding their finically status and ability to is basically telling women everywhere in America that they do not have a right to control what happens to their bodies and their bank accounts.

Quotation: Even here in the United States, where parental benefits are much less generous, abortion responds to economic conditions. In the prosperous 1990s, abortion rates declined rapidly. In the less prosperous ‘00s, abortion rates declined more slowly. When the economy plunged into crisis in 2008, abortion rates abruptly rose again.These trends should not surprise anyone. Women choose abortion for one overwhelming reason: economic insecurity. The large majority of women who chose abortion in 2008, 57%, reported a disruptive event in their lives in the previous 12 months: most often, the loss of a job or home. Of the women who choose abortion, 58% are in their 20s. Some 61% of them already have a child. Almost 70% of them are poor or near poor. Three-quarters say they cannot afford another child.


Citation: carole joffe, roe v. wade and beyond:forty years of legal abortion in the united states,dissent magazine, 2013

Summary: carole joffe wrote about the impact abortions being legal for forty years had on women and families. The overall decline of bad mental health for both women and children due to child spacing. Carole joffe mentions The impact legal abortions had on the health care providers for womens overall health which led to employee’s being murdered by “anti abortion terrorists’” and the harassments other clinics have to deal with due to protesters overstepping. She also talks about  the debates that started politically, speaking against what passed presidents have had to negatively say  or done about the topic of abortion and how people in congress would find loopholes to make getting abortions harder for women with the protect life act which meant that a doctor can refuse to perform the procedure if they felt as if they shouldn’t get an abortion. Joffe also spoke about the impact legal abortions had on the feminism movement and how there is still a long way to go representation wise for other minorities and issues.

Reflection: i agreed with all of carole joffes had to say on many of the topics she’s covered regarding abortion. It is important to take into consideration the hate that is being spewed out just because women want rights over their own bodies and don’t want to be used and human incubators and it should not result in healthcare workers being murdered because people don’t agree with what is  already legal and has been legal for forty eight years now. I also agree with the claims she made that women are overall more mentally better when they get to choose when they want to start a family or have more kids in regards to child spacing, it’s an effective way to make sure couples or women are financially stable enough to have another child.

Quotation: “From a public health standpoint, legal abortion has unquestionably benefited women and their families. Thousands of American women who sought abortions used to die before Roe, and now such women don’t. Though we will never know exact figures, estimates of the number of women who died annually from illegal abortion in the years before Roe range anywhere from one thousand to ten thousand. Many more women were injured, often losing their reproductive capacity. Immediately after Roe, death and injuries from abortion declined dramatically, and today, only a handful of women in the United States die each year from complications of legal abortion. American women are more than fourteen times more likely to die in childbirth than from a first trimester abortion. Though the anti-abortion movement has repeatedly claimed negative mental health effects of abortion, this charge has been decisively refuted by mental health experts who state that the best predictor of a woman’s mental health after an abortion is her mental health before the procedure.Moreover, the presence of legal abortion has meant that millions of American women have been able to have the families they wished for, whether that meant delaying having children until a time that they could be adequately taken care of or forgoing childbearing altogether.”