Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Adam Shahin, Social Justice Brainstorm

One problem I seen through my classmates list was gun rights and who can legally own a gun. I think this issue is one of the major issues in the USA next to racial injustice and animal rights. Gun rights is a major issue right now because many people who shouldn’t own guns own one because their state allows it and has different laws than others. Gun laws is a major issue because many things can happen when the wrong person owns a gun which could be shooting someone to death/ in general or even a school shooting happening which is a major issue because of gun laws. Another small issue is when people walk around with guns to their side which causes others to feel unsafe but can’t do anything because they are allowed to carry.

My questions are:

How can we stop this?

What new laws can be put into effect?

Is this mentally right carrying and allowing these laws?

Do you know some of the major events that were caused by gun laws?

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  1. Adam Shahin

    How have gun laws in certain states affected the number of gun-related homicides? (Some states include NY, Texas, Georgia, California etc.)
    What were some major events caused by gun laws? List examples/explain the causes/effects that led up to it
    What are some new laws that can help combat the current gun laws and how would you personally help make a change or get it out there? Explain different ways.
    Do you think people who carry guns really need to? Should the police force be the only people who can walk around with guns? Explain
    Name and explain some states whose laws with guns are actually good and safe? Explain the laws and what does this show to other states and what kinda laws they can maybe implement ?

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