Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Afroza Yasmin, Reflection on unit 1

I chose the speech for my research because I think it is really easy to express thought in the speech. In my use I used charts, evidence, and I can explain more about my topic. From these projects I learned about how to write speech because I didn’t write speech so this is the first time for me. Also, from this project I learnt about how social media affects others and how it can help them like both positive and negative effects. In the beginning I thought about like how can I start my speech and how can I show my evidence like I was confused but now I know how to start speech , and also this is not critical but main point is I have to focus on my topic that what I really want to tell audience and what would be inspire them. I really want to say this assignment really helps how to organize writing, thinking about others and to understand the main point. This helps for other writing like What can I write about? 

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