Personally, I’m still unsure about what type of assignment I’ll be doing but for now my mind is telling me to do a speech. I think if I choose to write a speech, it’ll help express my ideas and help convince the reader more. A speech is also usually convincing and tends to cause readers to be more engaged. I also think speeches are better than letters because speeches are usually towards a group of people which would allow me to better my speech more and be more convincing to a group of people rather than what a letter usually is which is usually to one person and only try to convince one person. I defiantly think this is a better genre and I can approach this assignment better if I choose speech. My approach to this speech would come out with a convincing hook/start. Once that gets executed well, It’ll allow for the audience to be engaged and see what my speech is about and actually hear me out. My main point will be around how discourse communities affect a new individual who comes in or how communities and people tend to affect each other and how different they all are (Subject to change). I’ll then talk about my surrounding points which are the effects of this problem and how communities can be affected, what others communities see in each other and what they think about each community, and lastly I’ll talk about who can help change this problem and say how the states mayor and their own community would have to come together and all help overcome this problem. Once I state this, I’ll show the solutions this would have when everyone comes together as one and helps each other and what it’ll do for the state/community as a whole. I’ll then make a strong closing argument to further have the audience engaged and actually interested in my speech.