In her Ted Talk, Stella Young gave the audience her perspective. She talks about living as a disabled woman, and how disabled individuals have been stereotyped into becoming symbols for inspiration. Young believes this to be an issue because she doesn’t believe being disabled is an awful thing, nor does she believe that it’s worth getting an achievement for. Young’s discourse community are the disabled community that don’t want to be stereotyped. The recipient of this speech seems to be outside of Young’s discourse community because Stella Young is informing the audience that she is not there to inspire them. 

In Mary Wollstonecraft’s dedicatory letter, she describes the situation women of 1792 were living in at the time. They were considered less important compared to the males of this time. Wollstonecraft saw this as an issue because she herself was a woman and believed women deserve rights equal to that of a man. After reading this letter I believe the discourse community Wollstonecraft is apart of would be advocates of women’s rights. The recipient seems to be on the opposite side of Wollstonecraft’s discourse community.