A Short Letter about my thoughts on writing the genre I choose (letter.)

  • I found it easy to express my thoughts by writing my traditional academy essay through letter because it satisfied the audience I chose to write my letter. It also gave me a more direct option to communicate the problems facing my community.
  • The A.O.C., reviewed by Young, Douglass, and Wollstonecraft, helped me create my piece because I was reading that A.O.C. as a writer by using precisely the techniques they used for my work. I quoted and cited my work using the illustration given in class as well. For example, while adding a quote to my writing, I made sure it was not too much by keeping it in moderation. I also made sure I started with phrases like “According to, author’s name, the page’s title, and publication” to give proper citing. And at the end of the writing, I added an M.L.A. formatted for review.
  • I have learned quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and not the least reference during this project. Specifically, At the beginning of this project, I didn’t know that while quoting a work, I needed to make sure my quote was not too long or longer than the explanation of the quote. Or even worse, I didn’t realize I needed to explain my quotes. But now I know that my quote should not be too long. I have to explain my quote and cite them to avoid plagiarism. Nothing has surprised me through this project so far. I see using these skills in my other class or chosen field by adding quotes moderately, statistics adequately, and not the least citing facts properly from well-renowned authors so that readers or users can perceive my writing as credible, trustworthy or reliable.