Friday, 12/9

Session Objectives

  • To assess the first semester at City Tech 
  • To share the experience of a first semester student at City Tech
  • To connect the theories and practices explored during CT101 to literature

To Do Before Class

  • Complete Reflection on OpenLab by replying to Reflection #13 Post.
  • Download the session slides from OpenLab to assist you in taking notes.

In-class Activities

  • Watch a claymation version of “The Allegory of the Cave.”
  • Think about how this may relate to your own experience as a first semester college student.
  • Discuss/write about this experience.
  • Post this on First Year Learning Community OpenLab site.

To Do After Class

  • Here is the link to the Post-Workshop Survey:
    • Successful completion = attend 12 of the 14 sessions; miss no more than 2 reflection posts (not including “Our Stories” posts); complete both Pre- and Post-Workshop Surveys.
    • A student who completes all the above requirements will receive $300!
  • The post-workshop survey is open until December 19.