Prof. Jessica Penner | LC03 | Fall 2022

Reflection #12

“Students and all others who work with information, ideas, texts, images, music, inventions, and other intellectual property owe their audience and sources accuracy and honesty in using, crediting, and citing sources.”

The statement above is from the City Tech Academic Integrity webpage. What does it mean to you? 


  1. Isabella

    It means that anyone working in this environment needs to recite their sources appropriately to give props to the original author. It is respectful, honest, and the correct way to credit someone.

  2. Rebekah Senat

    This quote makes it clear to me that anyone who works must properly acknowledge their sources in order to respect the higher ups and with the right approach to give credit to someone is in a respectful, genuine manner.

  3. Jazilyn

    This quote means that when you are working and need to cite anything such as adding quotes or facts, it is best to give credit to your sources and make sure everyone knows where you got your information from and that you aren’t counting it as your own If it isn’t.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Yes, citing and quoting your work is very important.

  4. Phadmanie

    This quote means that anyone taking work some someone else, they should always give the source credit to the original author. It is respectful and it gives the author credit and it can also give you credit by doing that.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Yes, giving the author the credit for their work.

  5. Christian

    This quote means no one should take someone else work without giving their credit from working hard and pursuing this path. You should always give props to the people who work there best.

  6. Terrisha Karimbocas

    This quote to me means to give credit where credit is due when talking about anything in your work that you didn’t create yourself. we all have the power and knowledge to create our own creative thoughts and to shout out others that did a good job of doing so and that inspired us to also do so.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Yes! I like that you said “we all have the power and knowledge to create our own creative thoughts”, and this is all we have to do everytime we are writing. When we use our own creative thoughts we get the credit for our work! Excellent post!

  7. Jessica Penner

    lkjkjljl jkjl jessica is awesome

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