Prof. Jessica Penner | LC03 | Fall 2022

Reflection #3

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  1. Terrisha Karimbocas

    The first few weeks of college has been very interesting. It’s definitely a whole different world from high school life. But for me in certain areas it is a pro and certain areas it’s a con. For instance, the independence of having to pick your schedule and space out my classes to the times and days I need has been a really big pro for me. And having the opportunity to sit on campus between classes and work on my homework or study is always a good thing. One of the cons with the indolence is less guidance from teachers like I was used to in high school. However as this is viewed as abad thing in my perspective, it can always be viewed from a point of view as a good thing because instead of people coming to ask me if I need help, it pushes me to communicate more and come out of my comfort zone and really go ask for what ever I may need help with at the time. And it can also push me out of my shell in life when it comes to meeting new people and making a good relationship with my peers and professors. This change from high school to college made me realize that I’m a fairly good note taker during long lectures and I am really excited when it comes to working in labs. It is very interesting to see the science of things come to life and really be able to be hands on with my learning. This is all still a learning experience and I’m still getting into the swing of things and making sure I keep myself accountable for turning in my work and making time for things that is really make a positive impact in my future. These are all things that I am still working on. And knowing that my peers are in that same boat too can break the ice and make the learning environment more comfortable.

  2. Phadmanie

    My first few months of college is pretty challenging if I’m being honest. College requires a lot of attention and a lot of time. Managing my time is something I’m still working on because it’s difficult keeping up with all my class and all the assignments especially when it all has the same due date. Another thing is passing the midterms and all the exams because it can really affect you and make you have to do extra work and fail a class for failing one exam.Lecture class is so confusing especially when you’re lost and you don’t know what the professor is talking about. Another class is lab, lab is easy doing the experiments is easy and fun and it’s interesting until you have to write a lab report of what you did. It was easy to do the lab but to write about about what you did is challenging especially when it’s your first lab report.I think I’ll face a lot of ups and down but I’m pretty sure I’ll try my best and not give up even when it gets hard.

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