Prof. Jessica Penner | LC03 | Fall 2022

Reflection #1

What do you want your classmates to know about you? Consider sharing your goals as a college student, why you chose City Tech, what you hope to learn in your first semester at City Tech or anything important to you.

Read other classmates posts and help welcome each other by writing a response before the next time we meet!

Just hit “comment” and type in your reply! Please answer the prompt by 11:59 PM on 8/26/22 (that’s just before midnight tonight).


  1. Peter Johnson

    I would want my classmates to know how shy I can be. I typically am not the first to interact with people… I don’t even like people that much but I am approachable and friendly once you get to know me. My goal as a college student is to simply be locked in for school and have a positive attitude and outlook on school. I honestly don’t know why I chose city tech… I think it’s because I was accepted here and my cousin went to school here. I hope the adaption process of college is seamless for me.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Hi Peter,
      Thank you for sharing. It can get a little rough in the beginning because you meet new people but it gets better once you give a chance for everyone to get to know you. I’m glad you have a good attitude towards college, that’s very important.

  2. Shanaya Bartholomew

    My name is Shanaya, I am a dental hygiene student and I am 20 years old. I graduated High school a while ago, but I have decided to come back to school to pursue being a RDH. I have always been interested in the medical industry, but had problem finding what my exact passion was. I chose Dental Hygiene because of the flexibility of the career, the pay, and the work itself. It is not bedside care such as a nurse, but is still healthcare and very essential. I chose city tech because not only am I not far away from the school, but they have a really good Dental Hygiene program which is a big plus for me. My goals as a college student completing my re-reqs is to learn more about creative writing and finding my passions as far as education goes. I hope to gain peer connections with people who have the same interests as me and build lifelong relationships.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Hi Shanaya,
      Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you already know the areas of study you are interested and that can be helpful because it helps you create a path you want to follow as well as know what classes you need to take in order to stay on that path. You can join the nursing club and dental hygiene club where you’ll find students that are already in the program and have experiences to share. This might help you learn from their mistakes.

  3. Alani Etheridge

    Hello! My name is Alani Etheridge and I am a new coming freshmen in City Tech. I chose City Tech because of my interest in dentistry and dental hygiene. I want my classmates to know that I am a reliable peer who wants to help expand conversations and ideas in this workshop. My goals as a college student is to get my bachelors ,graduate degree and network to build and grow my career. I hope as I adjust to college, I can learn stability and consistency to be a successful college student.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Hi Alani,
      Thank you for sharing. You and I have similarities. I enrolled in City tech because they had dental programs. One of the things I didn’t have was a peer mentor to guide me through my first year which led me to something I didn’t want to do. So one question I have for you is, what is it that you want to do in dentistry? Do you want to become a dentist, a dental assistant, a dental technician, or a dental hygienist? Because the path of prerequisites changes a little depending on which one you are interested in. Please email me with questions.

  4. Terrisha Karimbocas

    Hi, my name is Terrisha. I am 19 years old. This is my first year in college and I’m very excited to meet all my professors and start my new learning journey and meet people along the way. And I will be majoring in the nursing. I chose city tech because it was ver close to home and I am interested in all the tools they have to offer to make my learning experience that more great. I am a fast learner when I am working hands on. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing common interests.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Thank you for sharing Terrisha! I’m happy to hear that you are excited to start your college journey.

  5. Jazilyn

    I am a college freshman who majors in radiology. I wanted to get into this field because since the start of senior year in high school i already had a goal to get into becoming a sonogram technician. I’m very social and like talking about random topics and getting to know people even if at first I come off as silent at first. One of my goals for college is to put my all into my work and maintain good grades especially since it’ll be more difficult to raise a bad grade in college in comparison to high school, which is why one of my main goals is to not slack off in my work.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Jazilyn, I’m happy to hear that you came into college knowing your interests and your responsibilities. I agree with you on keeping the grades high as you said it can be difficult to bring them back up. Your head is on the right track and I wish you luck on your college journey.

  6. Phadmanie

    Hi, my name is Phadmanie Persaud but you can call me Angie because my name is hard to pronounce . I’m 18 years old and I’m a freshmen in city tech, I’m very excited to start a journey in my life and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish in the future. I decided to major in nursing because of my past experience and it’s always been my dream to become an RN. I chose city tech to study because of the programs and the opportunities they have. I’m looking forward to learn as much as I can about nursing and learn some new stuff everyday.

  7. Isabella

    Hi! I go by Bella ☆I’m an ambivert and i’m literally always down to talk!! I’m majoring in Radiologic Technology. I have many interests such as reading, music, skating, fashion, makeup, dance, etc. Some of my goals are to experiment in what I like and truly put myself out there in clubs, classes and more! I chose CityTech because they had the major I wanted to pursue and it was much easier to travel to distance wise. I hope to learn how to find my way as a freshman student, manage my time well and collaborate with others 🙂 Making friends with common interests as me are really important to me so far!!

    • Madelyn Kelly

      Hi Isabella!
      Thank you so much for your response! I am excited for you to put yourself out there this semester! College is the perfect time to experiment and try new things you’ve always wanted to try out. It’s so important to have and positive and growth mindset about college, so you are doing great! Definitely recommend looking into all the clubs we have to offer here at City Tech–I made so many new friends with common interests through them.

  8. Marcus

    My name is Marcus my major is declared as pre-health as of now, but I’m pursing something within the nursing field. Some of my hobbies are playing basketball and video games. I also love to eat but find it arduous to choose my favorite dish. City Tech’s nursing program piqued my interest so that’s what led to my arrival. This semester I hope to learn a lot varying from psychology, mathematics, English and more. Throughout this semester I must be ready to embrace the challenge keeping in mind that it’s my first year in college; a drastic change from high school.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      I’m happy to hear that you are ready for the challenges that will come your way during the transition from high school to college. I wish you luck on your college journey and hope you get into the nursing program at City Tech!

  9. Raizel

    My name is Raizel, I’m 18 years old. My major is nursing. I always knew I wanted to work in the Medical field. Somethings I would want my classmates to know about me is I’m from Trinidad, my favorite color is blue. My favorite things do is paint, watch tv. One of my favorite shows is Rick and Morty. I also like listening to music and cook. I love doing hair and make up . I’m going to attend cosmetology school some time in the future. I chose city tech because I wanted to start college, figure out what college I really want to do go to. I’m not sure why I picked city tech in particular. I do plan on transferring out after my first year, I would like to attend a school that has track team. so can continue running track. Some of my goals as a college student is to stay focused, I would like to get more involve in extracurricular activity, make new friends. Just work towards graduation and becoming a nurse.

    • Madelyn Kelly

      Hi Raizel!
      First off, I am so glad to find another Rick and Morty fan! Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!!
      Second, it’s so cool to hear how many different passions and interests you have, starting college can be scary when you have so many different aspirations in life. This beginning part is the worst because there are so many directions you can go but it does get better because as you begin to work towards your goal, your aspirations will become very clear.

  10. Christian

    Hello, my name is Christian Nava and I’m a freshman in New York City Of Technology college. My major I’m learning to become is Dental Hygiene and I chose this major because as for me i love taking care of my teeth, making sure they’re clean, white, straight, good hygiene overall. My hobbies in life are collecting shoes to wear or resell them, having a part time job, and spending quality time with friends/family. I chose City Tech because it had my major and the distance isn’t that far for me. I’m interested in my future and being successful as a human being. I hope to learn new topics about every class I have and important things so I can be ready and accomplish my dream.

    • Madelyn Kelly

      Hi Christian!
      That is so cool to hear how passionate you are about your teeth, and how that influences your drive about Dental Hygiene. Having that deeper connection to your studies is helpful for when you need some motivation.
      Also, I find it so cool that you collect and wear/resell shoes! What is your favorite pair of shoes that you’ve collected?

  11. Carolyn

    Hi my name is Carolyn, I am 18 years old and I am a freshman. My major is undeclared pre-health but I plan to major in nursing. I like to read and I’m kind of shy. I came to city tech because it’s close to home. My goals right now are to stay on top of my work and learn new things and network.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Carolyn, it’s a good idea to stay on top of your work in college because it can definitely get overwhelming if you don’t. I wish you luck on your college journey and hope you get into the nursing program here at City Tech!

  12. Nathalia

    Hello, my name is Nathalia Duverge.My major is Dental Hygiene. My nationality is Paraguay and Dominican.Some stuff you would like to know about me that I’m a fun person to be with, active, like working out, out going person, sweet and has a good heart.My goals for college is that I want to make through and become successful, make money, get what I want just have to work hard for it.The reason I want to become a dental hygienist because its a flexible lifestyle and also educate patient about the importance of oral health.The reason I choose this school is because is in the city also is good school they have a good Dental hygienist program and is like a 2 year major and it seems easy.What I look forward to my college is focus and take things serious and fun.

  13. Tina Lu

    What I would like for my classmates to know about me is that I love desserts and sweets. My favorites that I can never get sick of are madeleines and tiramisu cake. I have other favorites but these are the number ones. My goal for this semester would be to stay on track and persevere with the assignments. I chose City Tech out of convenience, but I also chose City Tech because of the programs they provide. I hope to learn as much knowledge as provided by City Tech as much as I can absorb. Overall I hope the journey at City Tech is something I can persevere on with the help from classmates and teachers.

  14. Rebekah Senat

    Hello, my name is Rebekah, I’m 18 years old, and I’m a freshman here at City Tech. Radiology is my major. My aim as a student is to simply finish all of my tasks and do what I need to do to go where I want to go while maintaining a happy attitude throughout the school year. To be honest, I came here because my twin brother attends here and he’s the only one I could talk to. I’m hoping that my first year at city tech goes well and that I’m able to adapt well.

  15. Nellaradhya

    hello, my name is denella and I am a nursing major. what id like my classmates to know is that I’m a really nice person and easy to talk to. my major goal right now is to finish college with the highest nursing degree there is and then go back for a law degree. I’m actually a really fun person to hang with I love working out and traveling and going to new places. I enrolled in city tech because I’ve always wanted to come here , it was my dream cuny school.

  16. Jamie Thomas

    What I want my classmates to know about me is that I like to make music and I also like anime and superhero’s and stuff. My goal as a college student is to get through these years and become an MRI Technician IF and that’s a big IF music doesn’t work out. What I hope to learn in this semester is just more about myself than anything and how I can deal without the guidance of a teacher being on my back and actually being on my own for once. 

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