Professor Jessica Penner / Peer Mentors David Mendez Medina & Christian Lozano

Reflection #5

Read the following quote by Dr. Pamela Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs:

Learning is a source of hope for a better future. It requires hard work and sacrifice which can be even more difficult in challenging times. Your time in college is also your opportunity to connect with others, lift your spirit, enrich your life, and develop the skills and knowledge to make a difference in your community.
— Dr. Pamela Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Choose one question below and write a reflection in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

  • What life experiences have prepared me for college?
  • When I have been faced with a difficult situation, what strategies did I use to find a solution?
  • How will I create positive academic habits for myself?

Read and comment on another student’s post. These are your classmates, encourage them to work towards their goals.


  1. Rosdnier Grullon

    The life experiences that prepared me college is high school because in high school I was able to learn how to cornell notes and I was able to learn how to write a college style essay.

    • Nour Bahlool

      I agree high school helped me out too!

    • David Mendez Medina

      That’s great! Learning some skills now or back then can give you a head start. Keep learning more and more so you can get ahead of everything.

    • Jaylin

      I agree that highschool has academic resources just like college that they teach us .

  2. Emily

    • How will I create positive academic habits for myself?

    By learning time management and taking breaks throughout the day, I will create positive academic habits for myself. Also, organize my assignments and my day while keeping my health in mind. 

    • wendy lopez

      I agree sometimes you get burned out and don’t know how to stop. Breaks are super important when it comes to college!

      • Makayla

        yeah i’m definitely juggling my mental health and keeping up w my assignments without getting burnt out there’s a fine line

    • David Mendez Medina

      Perfect! Time management is important because you do not want to over work yourself. You need to have your grades high but your health ultimately should be good as well.

  3. Nour Bahlool

    A life experience I went through to prepare me for college is high school and middle school. Since I have been through lost of schooling I understand the importance of keeping your grades up including its difficulties.

    • Shannel

      I definitely agree our previous years of schooling definitely helped with preparation for having to juggle our work load and other curriculum activities in college.

    • David Mendez Medina

      It is good to know the importance of keeping your grades up especially if you need to get accepted in your major. Hopefully you can maintain your high grades this and next semester and throughout college.

  4. Shannel

    When I am faced with a difficult situation a A strategy that I use to problem solve is brainstorming solutions. This allows me to see my situation from multiple perspective so that I can analyze and find the best possible way for me to figure out what I need to do to get to a resolution with my issue.

    • David Mendez Medina

      That sounds great! It is always good to look at any problem with all angles so that way you can better understand what you are dealing with and the best way to handle it.

  5. Sor rosario

    A life experience that prepared me for college is high school and the school i was in was a charter school so prepared me with the grades, i was required to pass my classes with 70’s and up not lower because it would be considered as failing.

    • David Mendez Medina

      That is good. You have the mind set to get at least a C but try shooting for a higher grade a C will not do you any favors especially in your major.

  6. fayzah

    • How will I create positive academic habits for myself?

    By Don’t hesitate to ask for help when I encounter challenges. Reach out to professors, academic advisors, tutors, or classmates for assistance.

    • Eshal

      true, it’s kind of hard to reach out and ask questions but we should try to overcome this struggle since it’ll only benefit us if we get over it.

    • Christian Lozano

      Reaching out is hard, but honestly scheduling an appointment and just committing to showing up regardless of how much time you actually want to spend there really helps.

  7. Kimberly

    I will create positive academic habits for myself by allowing myself to get extra help if needed in a course, taking advantage of any resources the school offers and figuring out the best study methods for me as time goes on.

    • Christian Lozano

      Just do this consistently and you’ll have no problem doing well.

  8. Elina

    A moment in life that prepared me for college is being able to manage my time to do school work in high school and actually go to work afterwards. In high school you would get homework every single day which would take up a lot of time, and on top of that I would go to work. I had to learn how to have time management or else I would never be on top of my priorities.

  9. wendy lopez

    • What life experiences have prepared me for college?

    Realizing that our choices effect our future prepared me for college. Not only did it make me change my perspective but it changed my mentality when it came to school. Doing your assignments on time and actually studying makes life so much easier when you have that type of mentality.

    • Christian Lozano

      It does. Just having stuff done or knowing when you’re going to get stuff done gives you piece of mind to enjoy life/focus on things outside of school.

  10. Eshal

    • How will you create positive academic habits for yourself?

    A few ways I will create positive academic habits for myself is by trying not to procrastinate, write down everything with the dates by which they are due so that I am also on track/write in a planner, try to study for tests instead of studying the night before, etc. There’s many other habits and ways but these are some of the main ones I have for myself so far. By making these my habits I hope to complete/pass all my class with nice scores and feel good.

    • Christian Lozano

      Scheduling when you’re going to do work has been immensely helpful for me. It’s helped me organize my thoughts and manage my time better because I don’t have to question “what am I going to do today” especially with 2 asynchronous classes.

  11. Makayla

    To create positive academic habits for myself iI study anywhere from 1-3 hours a day 5/6 days a week depending on the material or exams or things like that, i always make sure to have at least one day for myself and I stop after a certain time at night to get a good about of sleep.

  12. Christopher Ortega

    • What life experiences have prepared me for college?

    What I feel prepared me for college is the mentality I went into college with. I told myself “You will be okay CJ, just do what you gotta do, talk to people and you will be fine.”. Also I feel like talking to my parents helped me out because talking to your parents is good because they will always be honest and keep it 100 with you and never lie to you and will make you feel calm. Also high school prepared me I feel because my high school counselor and high school in general was talking to me and the fellow seniors preparing us for this next chapter in our education career and life.

  13. Mishelle Zayas

    I have already created some positive academic habits for myself like doing my homework and studying at a place where there are no distractions, Making time to study, taking notes, asking questions when I have some, and organizing my work so I know where to find it.

  14. Kaylin

    i will create positive academic habits for myself by making my life easier, not slacking off. Keeping up with my work. Taking time to study and do homework.

  15. Julio Verdugo

    • How will I create positive academic habits for myself?

    I will create positive academic habits for myself by sustaining a routine of doing homework and studying that doesn’t overlap with my personal life causing myself to be all over the place resulting in bad academic habits. As well as having certain days off so that all the work isn’t just seen as a wave of work hit towards me.

  16. Chitra Dehol

    i can create a positive academic habit for myself by first i should stop procrastinate and get things done on time. Secondly be on top of things and have a planner to help guild me and also time management.

  17. Jaylin

    • What life experiences have prepared me for college?

    The life experiences that have prepared me for college is highschool . The way highschool has prepared me for college is they gave us college now classes certain lesson in highschool were college level . Not only did they prepare me academically they also prepared me verbally meaning they told me highschool isn’t like colleges the way that everything gets handed and helped with for a student isn’t the same thing in college because things don’t get handed to you have to go and look and see where u messed up and find information you need on anything when in highschool they tell you the information or make sure u get it on a paper , verbally anything just so you know this type of information. My uncle also went to college so he told me about his experiences and how college is and how to be able to achieve my career .

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