Professor Jessica Penner / Peer Mentors David Mendez Medina & Christian Lozano

Reflection #1

What do you want your classmates to know about you? Consider sharing your goals as a college student, why you chose City Tech, what you hope to learn in your first semester at City Tech or anything important to you.

Read another classmate’s post and help welcome each other by writing a response.


  1. Nathansubryan

    My name is Nathan and I would describe myself as hard working and fast paced when it comes to work. My goals in city tech is get my radiology degree and high grades are important to me.

    • Christian Lozano

      Those are good goals to have and not complicated to achieve if you put in the time. Though you may want to read up on study techniques that may help you as things get harder.

  2. Rosdnier Grullon

    I want my classmates to know that I am willing to help them in the best of my abilities. My goals as a college student is to manage my time well for my assignments. I chose City Tech because it has what I want to major in Rad Tech and City Tech is affordable. I hope to learn is basic skills I need to help me mange my time at City Tech.

    • Christian Lozano

      Yeah cuny being the most “affordable” college institution is probably why many of us are here. They do actually care more about their students than some other schools in my experience so I hope you find your time spent here worthwhile. As for time management, creating schedules, setting alarms to do work, and even looking on youtube to see other people’s study methods help a lot.

  3. Eshal

    My name is Eshal and I am a nursing major, I chose city tech because I have heard a lot of good things about the college and all in all the college itself from what I have seen seems great, i hope to succeed reach my goal of having a great career and being a good nurse through city tech.

    • Christian Lozano

      Anything in the medical field is bound to be tough and I urge you to try and improve your time management and study schools to make more effective use of your time. There’s a lot of information you need to keep track of and that major will only get harder as you go on. Not trying to scare you, but keep that in mind.

  4. Kimberly

    My name is Kimberly, I want my classmates to know I can be friendly.My goals as a college student is to learn how to balance the work load from my courses.I chose City Tech because it had the major I need to pursue the career I want. What I hope to learn my first semester is how to keep high grades.

    • Christian Lozano

      Balancing course workload is more about figuring out what you can do quickly and easily, and what may take you more time to do and manage your time around that. I also reccomend trying to stay consistant with any studying you may need to do and put time every day even if only 15-30 minutes because it can make a huge difference in your state of mind.

  5. Mishelle Zayas

    What do you want your classmates to know about you? Consider sharing your goals as a college student, why you chose City Tech, what you hope to learn in your first semester at City Tech or anything important to you.

    Hi, my name is Mishelle, I want my classmates to know that I’m willing to accept advice that can help me better myself and my experience. My goals are to pass all of my classes with As and Bs and to learn how to manage my time. I chose city tech because of the radiology classes. I hope to learn things that can help me achieve my goal and help my future career.

    • Christian Lozano

      The best advice I can give you: don’t fall behind. And if you do talk to the professor about it ASAP. Other than that, make use of the resources we talk about in CT101 and us peer mentors and the internet to make sure you’re doing everything you can to do well. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

  6. Sor rosario

    My name is Starr my major/goal in city tech is to get my radiology degree and do the best I can do. I am willing to accept any advice that I need to better myself to become better in life and in my career.

    • Christian Lozano

      My advice: stay on top of your work and research time management/study methods. People mostly learn the same way but some prefer some methods more than others and it’s good to know what your options are for time management and studying. Also get plenty of sleep so that the quality of your work doesn’t drop. It matters more than people think.

  7. Christopher Ortega

    I want my classmates to know that I am a good listener. I will listen to someone whenever they need me and support anyone through anything that they are going through. I am also a hard worker. I work hard because, I want to be an X-Ray tech in the medical field. I am currently majoring in Rad Tech and hope to get in the program soon. Also, I hope to learn more about myself throughout my college career and become an even better version of myself, one day at a time.

    • Christian Lozano

      It’s good to know that you’re a good listener because that’s an important skill when connecting with others. It’s also great that you know you can work hard, but also think about working smart. Working hard in the wrong ways can be ineffective sometimes, so you want to make sure you put that energy in a way that makes good use of your time. Glad you have a positive mindset though; it will keep you from giving up when times get tough, and that’s more important than anything else.

  8. Emily

    My name is Emily, and I’d like my classmates to know that I’m quiet and nice. My goal is to learn how to manage my time effectively while working and attending school. I chose City Tech because it was highly recommended for the major I’m pursuing, Radiology. In my first semester, I hope to learn how to manage my time and stay on top of my responsibilities. 

    • David Mendez Medina

      Well hopefully this class an help you with managing your time and schedule. Time management is the best skill you can learn in college as it is one of the many things that will carry over in real life.

  9. Shannel

    Hi, my name is Shannel. I will be majoring this year in dental hygiene. I’m a good listener and don’t mind conversating. My goal is to frontload my mind with new ideas and information and pass all my classes. I chose City Tech because I want to get out my comfort zone and allow myself a chance to explore new areas of life.

    • David Mendez Medina

      Having the thought process of learning and understanding more is amazing. It will help you a lot with things. Getting out of your comfort zone is something I had to do and I met some really great people because of it hopefully you find good people too.

  10. wendy lopez

    Hi my name is Wendy! I’m majoring in nursing and one of my goals is to be the first in my family to graduate from college. I chose City Tech because of their offers and programs.

    • David Mendez Medina

      Wow that is great to hear. There might be some pressure on you just remember it is okay to live your life find the balance between studying and personal life. Being burnt out can really hurt you so find that nice balance.

  11. Kaylin

    My name is kaylin & i will be majoring in nursing. I’d like my classmates to know that i am quiet but i’m sort of a friendly person. I am in willing to accept any advice from classmates or professors. I chose city tech because I live in the bronx and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and see more of NYC considering i’ve never been to brooklyn before. Also i chose city tech because it has my major and I just felt like it would be a right fit . My goals as a college student is to balance all the work from my courses & not fall behind .

    • David Mendez Medina

      Balance is the most important thing in college. The more you know how to balance things out the better you will do as everything will be laid out as a plan and all you need to do is follow the plan. Remember to still have a life outside college as it is not good to have your head in the books 24/7 so take a break every once in a while.

  12. Nour Bahlool

    Hello, my name is Nour and I am majoring in biomedical informatics. I want my classmates to know that I am very friendly and like to engage in conversation most of the time. I am hoping to learn more about the different programs that city tech has to offer including clubs etc.

    • David Mendez Medina

      I think they are holding club orientations on the 7th in the cafeteria in nnam so check that out, they will have a bunch of things there as introductions to many of the clubs there.

  13. Makayla

    Hi my names Makayla and Im a radiologic technology and medical imaging major. I took a gap year after graduating in 22’ to find out what I wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to work in the hospital/medical field but I didn’t want to undertake the huge responsibility that is medical school and after some research I decided sonography was the way to go for me and i applied to the city tech program back in June. My main goal this semester is go get my footing and stay ahead of my assignments, as well as at least a b- in my math class. I’m into makeup, fashion, music and tv/anime mostly. Feel free to follow my ig to find out more abt me or check out my Spotify playlist its over like 125 hours.

    • David Mendez Medina

      Goals sound great, definitely should aim for something higher in math though but staying on top of your assignments is definitely something that is important.

  14. fayzah

    My name is Fayzah, and I want to let my classmates know that I’m approachable.As a college student, I want to master the art of juggling the workload from my courses.City Tech offered the major I needed to pursue the career I wanted, so I went with them. How to maintain high marks is what I wish to learn during my first semester.

  15. Julio Verdugo

    My name is Julio and I want to let my classmates know that I am friendly, my goal as a student is to be able to get my bachelors degree in my major and maintain steady good grades, I chose city tech because it matched my interests in a college as well as it not being that much of a commute what I hope to learn is how to not go crazy and feel overwhelmed with my classes.

  16. John Cimino

    My name is John and with college for a while now I was extremely unsure as to what I wanted to do. I knew I always had a footing in the medical field but it was hard to put my life and attention into one specific field plus medical school is far too expensive. I chose the field of radiology knowing that once I am licensed I can jump straight into work which works perfectly for me. Im not the biggest school person and this allows me to do what I have a passion for and quickly at that. That being said in college I hope to turn my work ethic back around and overall be more productive and procrastinate less.

  17. Chitra Dehol

    Hi my name is Chitra my goals is to become a nurse and i would like to work in the medical field i want to major in nursing but i know the program is very competitive to get accepted in but i do hope i get in and i can proceed my dream job. I chose city tech because it was close to my house than the other colleges that i was interested in. Something that I hope to know more about is if i can do two major at once and how difficult would that be

  18. Elina

    Hello my name is Elina. I grew up in queens New York. I grew up loving to paint and draw it was a passion of mine. My first job was a receptionist at a dental office. After being in the enviorment I had decided I wanted to become a hygienist. I did research and I ended up really liking city techs dental hygiene program.

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