Discourse community

Cristian Loja
English 1121
My discourse community is at my both jobs. I work with the same people for both. Construction and reselling cars. The reason it makes it a discourse community is because we have the same goals. Our common goal is to have a business where we can make a lot of money. Whenever we need to contact each other we just go on the group chat we have. The good thing about our job with construction is we are open to many different people to join it.
When we go to check up jobs at different houses we are very patient and respectful to the other customers so we can show a good image of us and get the job. Me and my co-workers just use slang words and joke around most of the time since we don’t really have a boss but whenever we have to deal with a job we speak differently. But sometimes the customers are just cool and then we just start all talking like regular friends which makes it better so we have a higher chance to get the job. The main important part is to always give not too high prices to do the jobs and for the cars also. We put it to a decent price where we can sell it faster. After checking a job or car we usually discuss the prices and all in the group chat we have. Whenever we see a great deal of cars or at a job site doing something and we’re not together we just use the group chat. That’s a way we communicate with each other. But if we also have another way to communicate is by video. We’re all in the same video chat at the same time.
Our group is a group where we can take people at any time. Well just for one job not the other. Whenever we have a job to get done we need maybe an extra 1 or 2 to finish up the job fast. The way they need to get in is just by showing us they can do concrete or roofing. If the person is very good at it he can start working with us because the more people that are good at it the better because then we can get the job done faster. The way I learned how to do these things is from my dad. He would teach on how to do them in a faster way and how to see if someone is good at it. The most important thing he would tell me is which material is the best so it can last in the house for many years. But usually most people wanna do the just cleaning and packing materials up since that’s an easy way to get money. In every job site we always need like 2 or 3 of those since cleaning is usually a lot.
What makes this discourse community unique is that we are having so much success. We are on a good path where we are all in college and work together. The goal we had before doing all this is getting accomplished little by little. Honestly we had to invest money on both buying cars and buying materials for the Construction job and I was scared that we weren’t going to do good and all that money was going to go in the garbage. But my group of friends were like if you don’t ever invest money you’re never going to get up there for a business because it’s all about investing. When I heard that I got calm and had a positive mindset which helped me not think bad and start thinking more on what to do. Buying cars wasn’t as bad as I thought. The reason we make a good profit is the reason because my other friends know a lot about cars so we don’t need to take it to no shop which makes it a big advantage.
In conclusion, having a group of people with the same goals is good because we get so many different ideas from everyone everyday. We take these ideas and talk about them in the group chat we have. This discourse community is going to go a long way and be successful if it keeps going the way it is. It’s always around everywhere we go for example big companies like McDonald’s, Macy’s etc….
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