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Discussion 3

Henri Cartier Bresson was able to capture images through decisive moments. You can take an image of the smallest thing and make it work. Capturing the moment is better than forcing it to capture the photo naturally, especially portraits. Your … Read More


I agree with Bresson’s ideas on how compositional elements are key in a decisive moment, one of the one that I personally liked was the discussion on symmetry because once our eye starts interacting like a camera lens and starts … Read More

Discussion 3

Bresson believed that photography is the only one that fixes the precise moment. Moments and events happen every second of the day and once those moments happen they disappear, impossible to revive. The concept of the term “decisive moment” implies … Read More

Compositional Moment

Bresson’s way of capturing images are very inspiring. His spontaneity to capture a story takes a lot of practice. The way he includes the background, the story telling of each subject included and the clarity makes his work very amazing. … Read More

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