Jennifer Bocanegra

COMD 1340

Edward Weston was born in Highland Park,Illinois Weston began to make Photographs in Chicago parks in 1902 his works were displayed in 1903 at Art Institute of Chicago.Weston was an american photographer best known for his composed sharply focused images,that were primarily black and white of natural forms,landscapes,nudes and cats.When he was 16 he received his first camera that was a gift from his father from there on he had a fierce artistic ambition.His work through the early 1920s hid works consisted of Pictorialist style in which photographers imitated paintings by suppressing detail,manipulating images in a dark room.Weston began to work his way through specific photographic aesthetic that was a broader and more vernacular definition of artistic subject matter.In 1927 Weston returned to California where he continued to explore pictorial idea in Mexico his famous close up studies of shells,vegetables,rock forms and semi abstract nudes.Weston developed hos more mature technique abandoning soft textured papers and slow,luxurious tonal gradations.In 1937 Weston received the first Guggenheim Fellowship awarded to a photographer which freed him from earning a living as a portraitist.

Johnny, 1944

This image is aesthetically pleasing. The portrait of the cat is elegant in its own way.The way the cat is posing looks as if the cat is ready to bounce from the tree park.The background they used for the portrait is somewhat alike to the cats fur pattern.My eyes directly went to the cat because the contrast of the fur of the cat is darker than the background its as if its surrounded by water the image clarity of the image is showing the details extremely well even though its black and white.Cats due tend to move around a lot because I sometimes take pictures of the stray that is in my area but sometimes he poses as if he’s photogenic.