For the image on the left I like how the composition fits exactly to the frame and the space that is filled with the clouds I feel like is a good place for the eyes to rest for a bit. The use of the third rules worked with having the tree to be in the left part of it, I also feel like the contrast between the green grass and the light blue sky is a good one because both of them are not clashing together and overall bring me this sense of calmness in the picture. I also see the texture of the tree and how it creates shadow in the grass which also has texture. There is repetition in the bars in the background and also in the clouds.

In the picture in the right we have the main subject, and this is a close up shot were we see lots of details, and have a lot of texture either in the stem and in the center of the stem, the depth of field in this shot is working very well with the overall picture. The shadows that come from all the sides and culminates in the center of the stem giving it a deeper look. I would also say that even tho the background is blurred out I’m still able to see some shadows creating some movement. The color adjustment in the picture also works because even tho I am able to see the yellow pigments I’m also seeing the brown parts of it and they are not clashing together making each of the color pop up on their own.