K Pelka | COMD1340 - OL64/ Spring2021

Discussion 6 Angy Vasquez

Find a photo from the Mid-term project of 2 different students that you find interesting

Write about each photo using some of the vocabulary below

Post the two photos with each student’s name and your comments in openlab to discussion 6 in student posts

I loved Damani’s medium shot framing to capture the whole room since it helps give off a feeling of emptiness and loneliness. He uses the rule of thirds and positions himself in the right side of the image to show the entirety of the room. It was very smart of him to use eye level so that the audience can pretend to be in the room with him. Therefore, the angle of view makes it easier for us to put ourselves in his situation. I am fascinated by the use of high contrast. The room is extremely dark and the outside light is very bright, which creates a dramatic and melancholic atmosphere.

I was very interested in Nicholas’s photograph because its very playful and hypnotizing. I love his use of worm’s-eye view and a close up frame to capture a child’s perspective in the playground. It was a clever choice to fill the frame with converging leading lines to give an illusion that you are looking through a microscope or that you’re entering another dimension. It’s incredible that this image gives a lot of room for imagination. The high saturation brings out the colors of the image making it appear more lively and fun.

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  1. Ken Pelka

    good comments. Interesting recognition of the different moods of the images.
    melancholy, dramatic vs playful, imaginative

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