K Pelka | COMD1340 - OL64/ Spring2021

Discussion 6

  1. What caught my eye when searching for images is the way the sunlight interacts with the colors/materials. The railing and beams have very bright and saturated colors (yellow and orange), the way the sun hits these objects brings out the colors even more. It makes it pop and also the stairs to the side/ and the floor make room for the bright colors. It seems like the angle is a worm’s eye view, this makes it seem very abstract in a way, especially because the lower quarter is dark. This angle, coupled with the close-up shot makes it very engaging and fills up the frame. The bright light and colors create contrast with the floor/stairs as well, it has an uplifting feel.
  2. This shot by Sadman seemed very cinematic to me, it reminded me of certain scary movies. The way the trees are framing the image makes it very intriguing. This seems to be a low-light situation so there isn’t much contrast but the trees do stand out from the background/sky. In terms of the rule of thirds, it seems as if the branches create a point in the middle, the trees are surrounding a piece of the sky. But it seems very balanced, nothing is placed in the middle at a certain point, but very organic (which fits the theme of trees/nature). The frame seems to be filled, everything that is in the photograph is relevant and that adds to its interesting look. The trees also give a sense of depth because of the diagonal line it creates(a great example is the left side).

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  1. Ken Pelka

    Good comments. Both use points of view( although different) to emphasize mood

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