K Pelka | COMD1340 - OL64/ Spring2021

Discussion 6

For this discussion, I chose to observe the midterm project photos of Damani Douglas and Augustin Melo.

Augustin’s photograph is an interesting landscape photo that utilizes a lot of eye-catching elements in order to create an unique photograph. One of the elements that really draws the viewers eye is the use of frame within a frame. Within this photo, we can see Augustin utilizing the columns of the bridge to frame the photograph and draw our eye towards the wooden door in the center of the photo. Another tool he utilizes to enhance his photograph is the use of leading lines. The columns as well as the leading lines present on the street draw our eye toward the center of the photo where the wooden door is. Augustin also utilizes filling the frame to an extent as the edges of the photo are filled in by what appear to be the same columns we see in other parts of the photo.

Like Augustin, Damani utilizes a lot of interesting elements in his photo in order to create an interesting and unique photograph. Two of the most eye-catching elements within the photograph that immediately catches your eye is the use of color and hard light. The photo utilizes a red and black color palette, making it unique and eye-catching. We also see Damani use hard light within his photograph as the light coming from his computer screen emits a light that creates strong lights and shadows that are present throughout the photo. Some other elements that Damani uses in his photograph that makes it interesting is the use of an eye-level view and figure to ground. The use of an eye-level view gives us (the viewer) a feeling that we are right there with the man as he is staring into his computer. The use of figure to ground draws our eye toward the subject of the photo as the reds within the background get darker as they fade into black. Meanwhile, the subject is bathed in a harsh red light that has more pure red tones within it.

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  1. Ken Pelka

    excellent analysis. Good comment on how Augustin uses the edges of the frame as well as Damani’s use of hard light and color

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