COMD1340D087 Photography 1,Spring 2023

Prof K Pelka : Tuesday 12:00 - 3:20

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Lab 9

Shallow depth of field with foreground in focus
Shallow depth of field with a blurry foreground
Subject close to the camera
Angle of view
Leading Lines

Homework 10

I chose this one because I like the blurriness and the way the light is in the picture.

I like the the shadow the blinds cast, and I think the reflection in the mirror is cool…

Final Critique

I really enjoy the composition of Bashar’s overall photograph and how it’s captured at a low-angle. The vibrant blue colors between the sky and the rope that the girl is balancing herself on stands out. I love the different geometric

Essay – Alice Vidal

A good photographer that interested me was Elliot Erwitt. Erwit was born in Paris in 1928 to Russian parents, he emigrated to the US with his family in 1948, and he developed his interest in photography living his teenage years …

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