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Midterm Critique

Rayven Vanoni
Antonio Hill

I chose Antonios’ photo because the tone and low angle of the photo along with the fact that the photo has filled the frame to me it is reminiscent of a professional cinematic shot rather than …

Midterm critique

I really like this picture because I love the reflections from the bars and from the guy standing in the middle. I also love the color of this picture, it matches with the guys hat, they are opposites to each

Midterm Critique

Mehdi Sikder- good use of a close up shot and puts the worm in worm’s-eye view you do feel small in this photo. you don’t really see a lot of shadow in this shot so i …

Midterm Critique

I really like this specific picture Adrika worked with in this case. The symmetry within the stairs and library door really comes along and aligns everything together. The graininess of the overall background really fits with the overall theme of …

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