Prof K Pelka : Tuesday 12:00 - 3:20

Author: Rishon (Page 3 of 4)

Discussion 3

Photographic moments that capture compositional elements can add more meaning to any photo. While everything found is technically random its also a pattern which one can recognize. Establishing these relations is part of what Bresson finds to be essential to …

Discussion 4

Kenneth Acosta

Adrika Hoque

I chose Adrikas because I really like how the blurred movement is both in front and behind the subject and I chose Kenneths because you can see the moment right after the dolls were hit and …

Discussion 2

– When taking a photo regardless of how it is taken framing is something we all do. It is condensing the elements of everything we see into a smaller space. Framing can lead your viewers eye, get rid of the …

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