Rishon Cole: I love the colors going on in this building. The way the walls and floors seem very detailed with designs and dark soft toned colors. And the top middle shines a colorful stained glass which adds contrast. A negative I have is that I feel that the image could’ve been taken more symmetrical instead of from an angle/corner. And maybe a little more higher. And capture the framing from the wall facing you.

Rayven Vanoni: I love the contrast between the blue fence and greenery of the plants. It works amazing together especially when you think of how blue is a rare color in any kind of ecosystem. I also like how you mention, when presenting, that it was snowing and you can see it in the photo when you look long enough. You get a feel of the type of environment. Even the placement of the plants being at the bottom and top right corner seems very unique. A negative I have is how would this image look in a different environment like sunny or when its raining ? I feel it could’ve been more vibrant with the suns light hitting it and maybe giving it shadow, or the rains droplets on the plants and wetting the fence making it a darker or lighter blue.