BoByBot (11-20-14)

Objective: Find out how to send data from the phone to the serial monitor.

Materials: Computer, Arduino Dualmilanova , Bread Board , Smart Phone , Red Yellow Black Wire , Wire cutters , Internet , LED Light.

Methods: For today we tested the bluetooth module on the Arduino board. Also tested the Arduino application on the smart phone. We tried a different application this time. Because we were having trouble with the last application we tried using. So we tired The blueterm app. Which we attempted to use to activate the LED with.


Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.51.22 AM

 Results: We were able to get the LED working while using the Arduino softwear on the computer. But when we tried to get the LED work (light up) while using the smartphone app (The blueterm app) it was not working for us. Then we figured out the txd and rxd wires were reversed, so once we switched them it leaded to Success.

Discussion: For next class, if the parts we ordered (the Magician Chassis) comes by tuesday, we will work with it. Otherwise we will be working on/with the motor driver, if the chassis doesn’t come on time.

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