Matthew Soto Proposal Draft


Back in the days of the early arcades, there were so many good games. Some of these games use joysticks, but others used more technological devices known as a light gun. Nowadays, it seems as though the light gun genre is starting to fade. Less light guns are being made and are now being replaced by motion controls like the wii mote and the playstation move, which have plastic shells in which you put the controller into. But lets be honest as gamer we like to feel amerced into our games. Go back to the days of the NES and its’ light gun and even the old arcade games, you feel like you really in the game shooting at enemies not like how today gamers sit down and use a controller to shoot enemies. My idea for a project is to revive the light gun genre by creating an original light gun using arduino in order to have gamers the emersion that light guns use to make gamers feel back in the day. Maybe with this project we may not be able to make the coolest looking gun, but we understand light guns work and how to innovate the light gun controller for future generations.

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