Dog sound recorder.

My idea for a final project is to build device that plays back my voice to my dog.

Imagine giving your dog commands without actually speaking, i want to see if this is could be possible. (Via recording device).

This interests me because i know dogs listen to the sound of a family member or their owners voice, so I’m curious if dogs will listen to a recording of someone (my) voice. This would involve three buttons and 3 different led lights. One led light for each button. ( 3 different colored leds) So when you press button 1, the red light goes on and it a recording of my voice says sit and hopefully pepperoni will sit. The second button with a yellow led would say sit and hopefully she will sit, and the third button and green led light, would have a recording of my voice saying lay down when you press it. The hard part though would be what kind of device i would use to help record my voice. Ex a walkmen, etc.

My dog. (Pepperoni)




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