Maker Faire 2014

I went to the Maker Faire on Saturday and had a lot of fun!

The first thing that you might notice is that there were tons (TONS!) of 3D printing machines there. I am far from an expert on 3D printing and I think it is great that so many printers are available for consumers. It was cool to compare how they operate with slightly different designs, but there were so many that I started skipping them, rushing to see other things.

You can find coverage all over the internet about head-mounted immersive 3D video game experiences, brain-wave sensing cat ears, and 3d-printed robots. But here is a personal list of what I really liked from the faire this year:

I loved this hacky kit called Makelangello 3, a mural drawing art robot.

My favorite arduino project was by Cooking Hacks. They have a kit to remotely control your hydroponics, yey!

This piece had a lot of hardware in the shape of the island of Manhattan. It even had the three bridges on the East side! (My photo is taken from the North-East tip.)


Some of the other things that I really liked were the pieces that mixed technology with old-fashioned aesthetics. It was cool to see today’s technology enhancing objects like a wooden karaoke machine, steam-punk teletype and this chiming clock.

There was also a 360-degree screen for playing videos game. I think it would be great if this project gets kids to move around and improve their hand-eye coordination.

I also met some very interesting people there, like this boy who brought his home-made tripod.


And this super serious guy driving his Chibi Mikuvan #3939 (See the Power Racing site for more information about the Power Racing Series.)


And this couple who had a homemade flying drone dressed like Hillary Clinton!



And just for the record, the tacos from Tico Tacos were delicious!










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