Blackberry 9000_Juan Correa

Objective : To disassemble and re-assemble take the Blackberry 9000. I will attempt to breakdown some of the actuators, sensors, Inputs/Outputs inside the phone. I will focus on the camera components and trackball mechanism.

Methods: Conduct a visual inspection and manual inspection of the inner components. Using the tools available as well as a magnifying glass I will look at the camera and trackball mechanism. An attempt will be made to breakdown these component to their basic parts and see if different components from other manufacturers are present.

Materials: Blackberry 9000, I phone Camera, precision screw driver set, magnifying glass, laptop, other tools

Results: After finally removing the specialized screws by improvising with other tools it was evident that manufacturing of the phone was done with highly sophisticated machinery and specific tools. The the actuators, sensors, Inputs/Outputs are all integrated into one circuit board. Besides the LCD screen all components such as the camera and trackball could not be broken down further or separated from the circuit board by de-soldering or without very specialized tools or methods. Several components such the memory chip and processors were covered and sealed with a metal cover. It was as if the components had been riveted to the circuit board. Our group post can be found here along with pictures:

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