Dissecting/Assembling the Blackberry 9000 Cell Phone

Objective : In a group we will disassemble and re-assemble take the Blackberry 9000. We will identify which components lead to the actuators, sensors, Inputs/Outputs inside the phone to the outward appearance. We will be using the notes of the group that previously analyzed the phone from to help guide our research.

Methods: Conduct a visual inspection and manual inspection of the inner components and what components are inside. This will be done as we strip each layer of the covers and as we get further into the basic components. Also an attempt will be made to identify if different components from other manufacturers are present.

Materials: Blackberry 9000, I phone Camera, precision screw driver set, magnifying glass, laptop, other tools

Results: After finally removing the specialized screws by improvising with other tools we were able to collect a helpful amount of data on the manufacturing methods of the phone. The manufacturing of the phone was done with highly sophisticated machinery and specific tools. The the actuators, sensors, Inputs/Outputs are all in one circuit board. Besides the LCD screen all components such as the camera and trackball could not be broken down further or separated from the circuit board by de-soldering or without very specialized tools. Doing so may have caused us to damage the phone permanently. Several components were covered in what seems to be a heat sink but more likely it is the manufacturer’s attempt to protect their technology. Pictures of the inside can be seen below.



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