Matthew Soto Journal Entry #2

Title: My job for this assignment was to takes notes on what the components were in the HD cmera and help to take the camera apart.

Objective: My goal for this assignment was to take the HD camera as far apart as I can in order to further understand the components and parts that make the camera work.

Materials: 1 notebook, 1 pen, 1 HD Camera, 1 Flat-Head Screwdriver, 1 Star-Head Screwdriver.

Method: Examined the Camera from multiple angles and then been to take apart each of the parts one screw at a time.


-Camera contained 3 seperate circut boards that nwere made in different companies.

-On the boards there were hot glue marks indicating that the development of the camera was rushed.

-Camera contained an Ambarella chip.

-Contained multiple screws in order to hold the camera together.

-Camera ran on a Edan Lithum Ion Battery

Results: After examine the camera my group and I learned that this camera contained parts that were made from multiple different companies such as the circut boards and that the devlopment was rushed. We also discovered some of the diffent in camera that both made the camera work and held the camera together. Overall the camera was very easy to take apart.


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