Extra Credit: Maker Faire NYC

This is stupid late, but hey.

Way back last September I went to the Maker Faire. In fact, I not only went there, I worked there, manning the Entertainment Technology both. See this picture?

That’s me, way in the back behind the tent post. This was during load-in, so not much happening at the time. I helped with load-in and load-out and manned the tent Sunday afternoon.

For our exhibit we had the “ghost in a trashcan” piece from the haunted hotel (you can see it on top of the road case). As people would walk by it the ghost would pop out and a loud sound effect played. Kids loved it, and we handed out fliers to the parents encouraging them to checkout the (then upcoming) haunted house.

That was our booth. What about the faire itself? It was cool! I actually didn’t get to see everything, but I saw a lot of it. 3D printers are a HUGE attraction there. There were a few laser cutters as well, but I was a little surprised how few. Arduino was, of course, a huge part of everything.

There were also kids. Lots and lots and lots of kids. So many that it was actually hard to walk around at times. You’d be walking towards and booth and suddenly you trip over a kid that barely comes to your waist. This is good for encouraging kids to get into creative maker paths, but it’s hard for the adults – I’d love if they had an “adults only” time slot, but it doubt that’d ever happen.

This faire happens every year, so I definitely encourage everyone to go next year.

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