Week 15 Journal entry by J lara

All systems are go now, we tested all the functionality of the bunny, sound was loud and it played randomly, like she wanted it, perhaps too loud. The PIR sensor responded accordingly to movement at a considerable distance, and the servos moved the ears as programmed to do so. The eyes turned red first setting the sequence of effects. Now I must figure out how to house everything inside the bunny, keeping enough space, and opening to be able to switch power to the bunny. Yaro cut an opening in the belly and I rapped the components inside. Then she sew it back together leaving a small opening. The bunny works, makes noise, and if placed in the right place will scare the hell out of anyone. Congratulations to Yaro who worked really hard to see it done, to Frank who relentlessly tried to help, not easy in this case, and to Juan who tried his best to arrange the sound, on top of all his other projects.



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  1. stephanie s says:

    I think your group was the most efficient and I think there might be a market for the bunny!

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