Week 12 Journal Entry by J Lara

This week Frank worked on perfecting one of the codes for the RGB LED light set up. I went and bought a different type of motion sensor, we have been using a Infrared sensor and the values are hard to manipulate, and even when you do so, the sensor itself doesn’t perform the way I thought it would. I bought a PIR sensor, I saw a video where they used this type instead, and the results where closer to what I was looking to do. This was necessary since I couldn’t figure out if it was the sensor, the code, or me, for sure me, but the other two remained to be tested. Very little accuracy with the IR and the PIR sensor was more predictable in this scenario. I had to purchase one for me and frank, It was hard to tell since we have no access to the bunny outside of class. I tried assembling the set up using my arduino to test the code, but couldn’t manage to make the sensor work the way I wanted it by changing the color of the lights according to distance.



PIR SENSOR / Proximity Sensor

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