Week 14- We Did It!…..oh wait……………….dam…….

we thought we could recover. we thought we could come back from destruction. it was back on the up and up. then in went downhill again.*sigh* but we can turn this around. we can make it better, faster, stronger….. ok we cant do any of that. but! we can do something!

when we started we had the great idea of adding all of this great stuff. having it controlled by one of our phones, have a live feed, make it fly itself! when we relized that this could not be done we decided to switch to adding some sencors and recording the data. then the controller stoped working. so we got another one. that didnt work. so we decided to try to fix it. then one of the rottors fell off……now?…….. now we iust need it to do something, ANYTHING! so we are going to power the rotors with an arduino. we figured how to wire all of the rottors together and hook it to a arduino. then using the basic blink program we can have a solid 3 volts going to each rotor making them spin. this is the begining of our recover.maybe one day we can get it back together. we can fly once again.

one can dream……



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  1. michaelp85 says:

    A fine dream indeed, perhaps you can also get it to fly a pre-programmed route similar to the one We used in our sub. Once the Arduino has control of all the rotors then all it takes is learning how different power settings affects the turning. This will allow you to not need a control anymore.

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