Week 15 Journal Entry by Frank Mason

“We’re changing the world with technology.” -Bill Gates

For this week, we have been implementing all of the pieces of the hardware (Arduino Board, servo motors, waveshield, amplifier, etc.) into the Hell Rabbit. So far, we have been mostly successful with the exception of one of the servo motors not functioning properly. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Yaro has permanently attached the servo motors inside the bunny ears. But one of them may have a mechanical problem, which could lead us to make both of the bunny ears move using only one servo motor.



** This photo shows the current state of the bunny (with hardware in tow. Poor bunny, he never had a chance, let’s have a moment of silence everyone).

Another problem that we came into is purely based on the code. There are points in which the servo motors will work independently of the PIR Proximity sensor. To solve this problem, we had sought help from Professor Baker. At the time of this writing, we have mostly worked out this issue and are looking to complete the remainder of the project.

Short Videos

**I apologize for the quality of the videos, it is an old phone, the quality is very low and does not do well when the camera moves.

These videos demonstrates the current status of the project. We have managed to get the servo motors working (mostly), the LED Lights are working, and random sounds play through the waveshield, all activated via the PIR Proximity sensor. We have achieved almost every part of the project that we sought to accomplish thus far. And we have been scaring the beJesus out of people, so that is a good sign for our project. As of now, we simply have to work out the kinks, put the hardware inside of the bunny, test it for good measure, sew the bunny’s fabric together and we are done. We predict this project to be completed by the end of this week or next week. And after that, our next step is to bring together all of the documentation from our past journal entries and create a DIY Instructional Manual (as our final journal entry) for future enthusiasts to pursue should they become interested in this type of project.

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