Week 14 Journal Entry by Frank Mason





Bugs Bunny


*Not the Hell Rabbit but I think I’m pretty close

I do not know what you want me to say, this is a short week but I’ll try and make it worthwhile(I won’t). For this week, we have finally been able to sort out most of the problems with the code and have now started with the hardware and figuring out how we’ll put all of the pieces into the Hell Rabbit. To be specific, we have now gotten each part of the intended code to work simultaneously, the LED Lights, servo motors and speakers (attached to the waveshield) all work via the IR Proximity Sensor.

This week, we have started to cut the insides of the bunny and take a look at how we will be able to put the Arduino in the bunny. At the time of this writing, we have cut started to create a makeshift exoskeleton of the bunny that will be used to house the Arduino, breadboard, and speakers. Towards the front of the inside of the bunny, we have cut a shape out that will allow us to put the servo motors inside the bunny ears. Yaro very cleverly decided to use the inner tube of the pen (the part that would normally contain the tip and the ink) as antenna that will serve to move the ears of the bunny when someone gets close.

For the remainder of the week and the rest of the semester, we will work on putting all of the pieces of the hardware into the bunny itself and test it once more to ensure that the bunny is working as intended.

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  1. Yaro says:

    :)) our bunny has to be more violent. like Caerbannog)

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