Weel 13 Journal Entry by Frank Mason

For this week, our tasks have been divided in the sense that we have been working on separate portions of the hardware. With the help of Jorge, I have been to working on and testing the code for two servo motors being activated via IR Proximity Sensor. At this point in time, I have been able to get one servo motor working with the IR Proximity sensor when an individuals reaches a certain distance. I just have to be able to make the second servo motor with the sensor as well.

We have been plagued by one possible setback with our main component, the IR Proximity sensor. One of the Proximity sensors that we have been working on is not functioning properly, which has caused us to switch the old sensor for a newer model. The issue with this transition is that for the old sensor, we have code that utilizes the <servo.h> library whereas the newer sensor uses the <servoTimer2.h> library. As a result, we have had to alter existing pieces of code in order to utilize this new library, which has caused me to run into some programming issues. This is because we have been working with the old IR proximity sensor for over a month and since my knowledge of C is not very good, I have been setback for a longer period of time than I previously assumed. But from the time of this writing, I have updated every piece of code for the new library, which has alleviated some of our coding problems.

On a brighter note, the sound portion of the project is nearly complete. After I started on the some of the code for the sound portion of our project, Yaro has completely taken over that aspect of the code and project since she has the waveshield as well as the amplifier and preference for what sounds she wants to play from the speakers. Fortunately, that portion has been going well this far and is on track to being complete by the end of next week.

As for the RGD LED Light portion of the project, Jorge pointed me in the direction of a website that uses very similar code to what we need. The only major difference is that it uses a photocell, which we can alter it to make it work with our project. As of this writing, I have only been able to make one light (and at times make two lights) work with the IR Proximity sensor and change colors based on distance.

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